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Rock Paper Avoid

Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper - AVOID THE REST!

Rock Paper Avoid is an Avoidance Casual game app and a real puzzler

Classic Rock Paper Scissors twisted into an avoidance game.  Your character is either the Rock, the Paper or the Scissors and you need to slide left or right to chose the correct pathway and get through the obstacle.  

Remember that Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock and Scissors beats Paper. Be careful your character will change quickly after each obstacle and choosing the right pathway a real brain tease.  You will need to react quickly to keep up. 

But be careful, as one wrong move and you'll explode.

Test Your Skill

Rock Beats Paper in Rock Paper Scissors, Roshambo, rochambeau, ro sham bo, jan-ken or janken

- 3 Different Game Modes (with varying speed) 

- 175 Levels

- Unlimited Play

44 Achievements to Obtain

Paper Beats Rock non Rock Paper Avoid

- Compete with your friends

- Beat their high score

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Rock Paper Avoid is currently being reviewed by Daikon Media, partners of MyHub and WordGrabber 

Wooden Spoons

Do you love your Aussie Rules Footy?

Wooden Spoons AFL logo

If so you'll love the Aussie Rules Football meme game where the object of the game is to catch the wooden spoons or other footy related objects. See how many you can catch and compete with your friends.

Game play is simple, a tap on the left moves you left and a tap on the right moves you right - if you drop one its game over. Be careful the spoons aren't flat so stacking them is a challenge.

Multiple Game Modes

Carlton Blues

- 70 Challenging Levels 

- 3 Star Challenge Mode

Play as Different Characters

Richmond Tigers

- 9 Different Trays

- Catch 5 Different Items

Download Wooden Spoons



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